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Who We Are

Lion SK Venture is a vibrant and dynamic trading, sourcing, and consulting company founded in 2018 based in Bangkok, Thailand.  We are specializing in connecting the counterparties in selling and buying premium goods, connect business to business, and bring the most delightful solution to customer requirements. The company entered the South East Asian market providing professional services to the clients. Today, we have expanded our presence and continues to grow actively strengthening within business sectors and continually evaluating opportunities for growth in global markets.

Our mission is to provide effective value-added solutions

  • Create and develop, based on our specialized knowledge and experience, the best possible value-added solutions and tools to ensure optimum benefits for customers.

  • Provide our fund investors with a satisfactory return on their investment.

  • Demonstrate corporate social responsibility in all projects.

  • To develop a platform for recurring income while effectively utilizing innovation and technology.

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